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Awakeri Wetlands Stage 1A

$15.0 million Auckland City Council


Auckland Council  :  $15.0 million 

The Awakeri Wetlands Project is a signature project, creating healthy and connected waterways, shared cycleways and pathways and open green spaces to support restored natural habitats. Stage 1A comprises a new 2.3km long stormwater channel to improve flood-prone areas in Takanini and enable more homes to be built. The channel forms a natural stream and wetland surrounded by public recreation areas. It will include boardwalks and shared cycle and pathways. In line with Council’s goal to apply environmentally sensitive solutions to this project, we set our own goal on this project to not only meet regulatory compliance, but also to go beyond the requirements by setting our own standards of quality.

McKenzie & Parma are privileged to construct this environmental development for our local Takanini community

  •  There are 7 boardwalks in total averaging 25m in length
  • 9 Weirs with Tonka timber capping for a rustic design. Which equates to 400m of sheet piling installed.
  • There are 2kms of footpaths to be installed.
  • To date 10 000m2 of bidim has been installed
  • To date 3 500m2 of Geogrid TX160 has been installed
  • To date 2 000m2 of Geoweb has been installed and backfilled.
  • To date 2 000m2 of Enkamat has been installed
  • To date 9 500m2 of mulching
  • 6 500m2 of Coir matting
  • Installation of 18.0m of culverts 2.0m x 1.5m
  • Total volume of peat excavated to date 69 500m3
  • Total volume of peat carted off site 74 000m3
  • Over 250m of stormwater drainage and 36 manholes to be installed
  • An average of 1 000 000 litres of water is pumped off site weekly