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Mill Road Development

20 million Pakenham Group Limited


Pakenham Group Limited  :  $20 million

The Mill Road development is a residential subdivision located on the corner of Mill Road and Walters Road in Takanini. This project had 6 stages on a 19.6ha development to cater for over 300 new residential lots and the associated civil infrastructure. We won the contract to complete stages on the farmland site including site clearance and earthworks, roading and footpaths, stormwater and wastewater drainage, utilities, and retaining walls.

This large development was extremely challenging with almost the entire site underlain with peat and soft soils. These conditions often proved challenging with our teams encountering large swamp kauri stumps beneath the surface and extremely soft subgrade layers. Having a team that has worked in these conditions in the past was a proven asset as they provided the expertise to add value to the project by ensuring the most effective solutions were employed throughout the contract.