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Mt. Smart Stadium - Training Field

$1 million Auckland City Council


Auckland City Council  :  $1.0 million

Mt Smart Stadium – Training Field involved the construction of a professional grade natural turf training facility for the Warriors rugby league team.

We were engaged to undertake initial site clearing, installation of erosion sediment controls, diversion of power, drainage, sewer, high pressure watermains and hydrants, and the removal of existing building foundations to enable bulk earthworks to be undertaken.

In order to comply with resource consent conditions, 3000m³ bulk cut/fill was required, including the management of contaminated material.

Our scope of works also involved:

Construction of Alan Block & crib retaining walls up to 150m long by 3.5m high

Imported and placement of an additional 2500m³ of drainage materials to precise tolerances

Installation of field drainage and irrigation lines including a digital irrigation control system and testing

Turfing the sports field

Field lighting, including ducting, foundations and light aiming to specified lux layout

Construction of a new athletics gymnasium

New driveways and fencing.